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About Us

Town Center Dentistry Staff Group PhotoTCDO offers the most comprehensive initial oral exam and the most detailed records you’ll ever have – and that means genuinely good long-term care for you.

Your visit to TCDO will start with a one-on-one talk, or Discovery Consultation, with either Dr. Brett or Dr. Gina. This helps them discover who you are as a patient and it helps you discover what path of treatment is right for you. The goal is to identify the root of any oral healthcare challenges then fix problem areas and prevent recurrence. Dr. Brett and Dr. Gina will help you see the big picture, then will work with you to prioritize your treatment for a lifetime of great health.

From there, you will experience an oral exam like no other. This comfortable, truly complete procedure will offer you and your doctor a genuine picture of your present dental condition.

The one-on-one talk and thorough exam will allow Dr. Brett or Dr. Gina to make solid recommendations for your treatment plan. You will be provided with a plan that fits your lifestyle, budget and priorities.

Over the time it takes to complete your plan, Dr. Brett or Dr. Gina will work closely with you to truly care for your dental health and overall wellbeing.

At the end of the day, Dr. Brett and Dr. Gina will work with you to show you how functionality, comfort and happiness truly go hand in hand. You’ll be armed with small, easy preventative measures you can take to be truly healthy for the rest of your life.

“TCDO accommodated my need to pay half the first year and the other half the following year. Their flexibility in billing gave me extra money that has enabled a great ski season.” –Nancy S.

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