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Happy Clients = Happy Team!  

Thank you to our community of clients who appreciate what we do.  We are genuinely blessed to have you entrust your care to us.

Read hundreds more direct comments from our existing customers here.  If you want to share your experience, we'd love to hear from you.  You can share your review on our Google+ or Yelp pages so everyone can investigate and potentially join our community of smiling clients!

“The best doctor around.” –Marlene B.

“A phenomenally different experience.” –Wendy O.

“Incredibly attentive and sympathetic.” –Catherine B.

“I owe my happiness to TCDO.” –Marlene B.

“Since working with TCDO, I feel like a burden has been lifted from my shoulders. I smile freely and am much less self-conscious in social situations. It’s a lot easier to convey the happiness I feel inside when I’m not worried about hiding my smile.” –Brianna S.

“The veneers I now have look better than most people’s real teeth, and people can’t tell the difference. My wife and family are amazed. I now enjoy eating out, laughing, smiling and talking to new people. I owe it to Dr. Brett for changing my life.” –Charles B.

“I feel like a movie star! Now I smile for no reason! I even drive down the highway with a smile on my face!” – Marlene B.

“My smile is white and straight, and my school picture this year looks fantastic!” –McGlynn N.

“I was considering veneers when I first came to TCDO. During my consultation, I learned that it was possible to enhance my smile through cosmetic orthodontics instead. My results were great. I smile a lot more now, and the process was certainly less expensive than the veneers I thought I needed.” –Derrick H.

“My wish is simple – that anyone out there suffering from bad teeth and feeling hopeless should come visit the wonderful people at TCDO – they will change the quality of your life.” -Charles B.

“After my procedure, Dr. Brett actually thanked me for trusting him. He’s just that kind of person.” –Jeffrey B.

“Dr. Brett went beyond his daily duties to help me through the toughest time of my life. It is his leadership and guidance that makes the experience comforting, pleasant and caring. He has changed the quality of my life for the better.” –Charles B.

“Dr. Gina, thank you for making my smile so beautiful!” –McGlynn N.

“The warm and caring environment TCDO has built into the office really helps makes the entire experience a good one.” –Nancy S.

“Now I hold my head high, I smile and I laugh. This is a great gift, and it wouldn’t have been possible without the generosity of Dr. Brett and his staff!” –Kyle K.

“TCDO accommodated my need to pay half the first year and the other half the following year. Their flexibility in billing gave me extra money that has enabled a great ski season.” –Nancy S.

“Dr. Brett was so understanding of my fear and was able to calm me down. The staff made sure to book an extended appointment for me so that they would have time to properly handle any pain or fear. They were so incredibly gentle and thorough that I left smiling and I actually look forward to going back!” –Catherine B.

“Only five minutes after I walked into TCDO, I began to relax just from the warm feeling I got from the staff.” –Teresa S.

“Everyone at TCDO was patient with me as I organized my finances, which turned out to be a relatively quick and painless process.” –Wendy O.

“I would not have believed that my TMD could have been so easily fixed. My jaw is relaxed and no longer aches, and I don’t wake up with headaches anymore.” –Nancy S.

“I could barely open my jaw wider than one finger width, and I had constant headaches. Now I can open my jaw and I’m starting to live pain free.” –Michael G.

“TCDO drastically improved my life!” –Wendy O.

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