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Dentist and Orthodontist serving Stapleton, Northfield & Park Hill

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TCDO offers general, functional and cosmetic dentistry, plus orthodontics to any patient who wants to invest in life-long oral health and true happiness.

General Dentistry | A Genuinely Healthy Life

Dr. Brett’s whole-health approach encompasses preventative and restorative dentistry that makes your mouth and your life happy. His warm personality and precision expertise literally has patients looking forward to coming to the dentist – and regular care means true peace of mind for you.

“I would recommend TCDO to anyone and everyone for all their dental needs.” –Teresa S.

Functional Dentistry | Real Relief from Pain

Dr. Brett has helped countless people get back to their “real lives” by alleviating jaw, head and neck pain. He will work with you to balance your bite and jaw into a harmonious, stable position and relaxing your muscles. He can also help minimize clenching and grinding.

“I would not have believed that my TMD could have been so easily fixed. My jaw is relaxed and no longer aches, and I don’t wake up with headaches anymore.” –Nancy S.

“My life has a calm and comfort now where the constant face, jaw and neck pain used to be. Dr. Brett says there is no such thing as a ‘TMD specialist,’ but I beg to differ. In my eyes he will always remain my ‘TMD specialist.’” –Wendy O.

Cosmetic Dentistry | A Truly Spectacular Smile

The beauty of a spectacular smile reaches far beyond your exterior image. When you smile confidently, you literally become happier inside. Dr. Brett offers everything from whitening to veneers to reconstructions to make your life happier inside and out.

“The veneers I now have look better than most people’s real teeth, and people can’t tell the difference. My wife and family are amazed. I now enjoy eating out, laughing, smiling and talking to new people. I owe it to Dr. Brett for changing my life.” –Charles B.

“I feel like a movie star! Now I smile for no reason! I even drive down the highway with a smile on my face!” – Marlene B.

Orthodontics | Authentic, Sincere Care

Girl Holding Thank You Sign for Town Center Dentistry giving her confidence

Folks often remark that Dr. Gina’s way with people is truly incredible. She will work closely with you to create a really beautiful smile and a balanced bite – both of which often lead to a better self-image. Her approach comes from the heart – she offers traditional or Invisalign braces depending upon your lifestyle, needs and desires.

Dr. Gina cares for patients from age seven to adult.

“My smile is white and straight, and my school picture this year looks fantastic!” –McGlynn N.

“I was considering veneers when I first came to TCDO. During my consultation, I learned that it was possible to enhance my smile through cosmetic orthodontics instead. My results were great. I smile a lot more now, and the process was certainly less expensive than the veneers I thought I needed.” –Derrick H.

“My wish is simple – that anyone out there suffering from bad teeth and feeling hopeless should come visit the wonderful people at TCDO – they will change the quality of your life.” –Charles B.

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