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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What if I’m afraid of the dentist?

TCDO genuinely understands fear and hesitation. In the Discovery Consultation, Dr. Brett or Dr. Gina will talk with you to address your concerns and help you move forward. They will work with you through any fears you might have about oral healthcare.

“Dr. Brett was so understanding of my fear and was able to calm me down. The staff made sure to book an extended appointment for me so that they would have time to properly handle any pain or fear. They were so incredibly gentle and thorough that I left smiling and I actually look forward to going back!” –Catherine B.

“Only five minutes after I walked into TCDO, I began to relax just from the warm feeling I got from the staff.” –Teresa S.

How will I afford the treatment?

TCDO takes real consideration for your finances. Dr. Brett and Dr. Gina will work with you to make their services manageable. Options include pre-pay discount, pay as you go and 90 days same as cash among other programs.

“Everyone at TCDO was patient with me as I organized my finances, which turned out to be a relatively quick and painless process.” –Wendy O.

How do I select a cosmetic dentist or an orthodontist?

Your oral healthcare is a very personal matter. First, make sure you feel comfortable with and trust your doctor, and that he or she spends time with you understanding your goals and concerns. Then, request proof of his or her work, including before-and-after photos and referrals. Make sure that the doctor will treat your whole mouth – functionality and all – not just your smile. Function is just as important as appearance when it comes to your total health.

I think my headaches are caused by my bite. What can I do?

There’s no reason to suffer. There are countless ways to minimize the face, jaw, neck and head pain associated with TMD disorders. Dr. Brett will review your options with you at your initial one-on-one consultation.

“I would not have believed that my TMD could have been so easily fixed. My jaw is relaxed and no longer aches, and I don’t wake up with headaches anymore.” –Nancy S.

How do I know if I have TMD if I have no symptoms?

Sometimes the most critical oral healthcare issues are silent predators. During your Discovery Consultation, Dr. Brett will help you uncover the answers to questions exactly like these. From there, he’ll help you prioritize how to proceed with treatment in the best way possible for you and your budget.

I have so many questions. Who can I talk to?

Even if you never walk through TCDO’s doors, feel totally free to email Dr. Brett or Dr. Gina with any question you have about your oral healthcare. We offer free consultations to all patients, so give us a call.

“I could barely open my jaw wider than one finger width, and I had constant headaches. Now I can open my jaw and I’m starting to live pain free.” –Michael G.

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