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Changed Her Life
Single Dental Implant
singledentalimplantski accident1-2.jpeg
New Smile for Lifetime
1-4 small.jpeg
Smile Confidently
1-3 small.jpeg
Love the Results
1-5 small.jpeg
Feel More Confident
1-6 small.jpeg
Love New Implants
dental Implants denver 1-7.jpeg
More Beautiful Smile
dental bridges 1-8.jpeg
Hassle Free Whitening
teeth whitening2-1.jpeg
Veneers = New Smile
newsmile 2-2.jpeg
Custom Veneer Transformation
total transform 2-3.jpeg
Invisalign Helped Modeling
orthodontics 2-4.jpeg
Custom Implants
dental implants 2-5.jpeg
Cherish Your Smile
So Happy With the Results
A Beautiful Smile
cosmetic dentistry 2-8.jpeg
Love the Look of New Smile
crowns 3-1.jpeg
New Smile, New Confidence
Smile With Pride
Become Confident & Adventurous
Enhance Your Smile
Wear Your Smile Proudly
New Found Confidence
teeth crowding 3-8.jpeg
Show Off Your Smile
Total Confidence
smilerepair 4-2.jpeg
New Smile, Amazing Life
Winning Smile & No Jaw Pain
bitetherapy 4-4.jpeg
Look Your Best
look best 4-5.jpeg
A Winning Smile
wining smile 4-6.jpeg
No More "Meth Mouth"
nomore meth mouth 4-7.jpeg
Miracle Transformation
totaltransformation 3-6.jpeg
Huge Positive Changes
gumdisease 4-8.jpeg

Best Results Cosmetic Dentistry and Orthodontics

TCDO has countless before-and-after photos, but the bigger story is in real patients’ stories of whole-life transformation. Here are just a handful of people whose lives have been touched and improved by Dr. Brett and Dr. Gina.

“Now I hold my head high, I smile and I laugh. This is a great gift, and it wouldn’t have been possible without the generosity of Dr. Brett and his staff!” –Kyle K.

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